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Marghab Patterns in Numerical Order

Identifying Marghab patterns

This webpage started as my hobby and it has since consumed thousands of hours. My apologies for any errors!

Many thanks to D. Martin for her patient corrections, additions and information from her painstaking research. She warns us to concentrate on pattern names and not even bother with pattern numbers, except in cases where designs were known only by number.


Marghab Linens were produced in Madeira, Portugal between 1934-1984 and were marketed as some of the finest embroidery of the time.
Vera Way Marghab was the driving force behind the imaginative and beautiful designs executed by her company, Emile Marghab, Inc. You will be amazed and amused by the range of designs that were made by the Marghabs; we often see only the common ones and never know that so many others existed!

Please note that the same pattern can look very different when translateded on a coaster, a tablecloth, a placemat or a napkin.

They can also look very different in alternate color combinations. Another factor is wear from use or even the angle at which an item is photographed. Not to mention if the item has not been ironed or is badly wrinkled.

It's helpful to be a gardener or botanist and identify actual flower species.

The very best way to know an item is an authentic Marghab design is to have an unused item with the original tags attached. It's especially great to have a tag with the name and/or the number.

And, remember that just because an item is found inside a Marghab box, it does not make that item a Marghab item. Or when someone on the internet says it is Marghab, it is not necessarily so.

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Image Pattern Name No. Comments
UNKNOWN name 483 Flowers, floral, identify by number
UNKNOWN name 716 Insects, bugs, identify by number
UNKNOWN name 4138 Flowers, floral, identify by number
UNKNOWN name 4315 Flowers, floral, identify by number

UNKNOWN name 5284 identify by number, Grape bunch, Leaf
see also Grapevine, Vineyard
UNKNOWN name 7000 identify by number, design is grapes

UNKNOWN Name 8028 identify by number
barmaid Age of Discovery 706 706 is also Rose
andante Andante 761  
barmaid Applique 876  
barmaid Appliqued Scroll 794 794 is also Appliqued Scroll
barmaid Arabesque 794 794 is also Appliqued Scroll
barmaid Arabia UNKNOWN number has no number
arcadia Arcadia 741 similar to Minaret, border sizes differ, corners are different
barmaid Arrow/Arrowhead 853  
autumn leaves
Autumn Leaves/Leaves 703 see Leaves, Three Leaves. Maple Leaf only available as a hanky with multicolor leaf. (703 is also wild rose)
background Background 535 similar to: Open End, New (Open

Barmaid 459 similar to Dancer, (MadCap, Varishka
barmaid Baroque* 664 * never seen
basketbasket Basket (a + b) 832; 863  
bees Bees 849  
Bees   note the straighter edge on this hanky
big bow; the bow Bow (a) also Big Bow; The Bow, Twisted Ribbon 637; 729 Bow; The Bow; Big Bow, all the same. Another bow is Queen Victoria

Bow (b) also called Twisted Ribbon 728  
Billfold 951 (unofficial, this may be a billfold but it is not the official design that was called billfold)
birdling Birdling Birds 552 note the flapping wings
bird in cage Birds In Cage 650  
barmaid Blanket cover 726  
Bookmark 950 (these are unofficial ones)
Border Inlay 737  
Bouquet (a) (b) /Spray 780; 898 see Spray (780) the multicolor version and also a traymat and napkin
barmaid Boutons 885  
Bright Eyes 595 kitten design
Bright Sails/Dreamboat 710 Dreamboat has same number. See Renaissance Boat for another boat design.
barmaid Bib 720; 721 see Bright eyes which comes as a bib
Butterflies 684  
(a, b, c)
713, 775, 851  
Calla Lily (a + b) 469, linen and marcasual
Carnation 892  
Carrots & Peas 699 kitchen bouquet is a hanky with related design
Christmas Tree 765  
Chrysanthemum 773  
Classic 61  
Classic Key (a + b) 715, 751 see also key, The key, Grecian Border
Concha (a 649; 784  
Cord & Tassel 690  
barmaid Corner Scroll 872  

Cornflower 536 mostly seen in margandy; traymatand napkins are linen
Cyclamen 106  
barmaid Daffodil (never made) 107 Design was never put into production. 107 is also iris
Daisy 750  
Dancer (a) 458; 717 See Bar Maid for similar design, sometimes called Maid.
Deer 476  
Delphinium (a) 686  
Delphinium (b) 697  
Diamond Initial 819  
Dreamboat/Bright Sails 710 See Renaissance Boat and Old Ships for other boat designs.
Duck; Wild Duck 661  
Duet 785  
Early Spring, Flowers 767; 886 Both have same name and same number
barmaid Elaborate Corner 869  
barmaid Egyptian 466  
English Ivy (a) only came in hanky 712 see Ivy, all have same numbers 712 + 888
English Ivy (b) 888 these are Ivy
Eyelet/Scallop Eyelet 861 See all the "Eyelets" and also Simple Eyelet.
Eyelet Border 822 The tag on this hanky reads 822
Eyelet Scallop/Eyelet 806  
Fern (a) 647  
Fern (b) Fern (c) 812, 820  
Filigree (a) Filigree (b) 813; 864  
Fire* (a) Fire* (b) 766, 793 *never seen, supposedly
Fish () no pattern number see "Under the Sea" and "Scrollfish" and "Tropical Fish" for more patterns with fish.
barmaid Flag 681  
Flash/Seven Seven Seven 777  
Fleur de Lys (a + b) 755, 880  
Fleur de Lys (b)(Grande)   only as a hanky
barmaid Fleur de Lys (Petit) (c) 890 cocktail napkins, hankys
Flora 385 Hybiscus has same number; has 2 leaves
Florentine (a) Florentine (b) 719, 723  
Flower Woman 702  
Flowerlace (a) Flowerlace (b) 62; 749  
Flowerpot 537  
New Flower Pot 791  
Flowers, Early Spring 767; 886 Both have same number and same name
barmaid Forget-me-not
(a + b)
691, 866 691 is same number as Strawberry
barmaid Four Bows 885  
Fringe; The Fringe 638, 768  
Fruit Basket 771  
Gay Harbor 705  
barmaid Georgian* 131  
Geranium 760 cocktail naps came in linen and margandy

Grape & Leaf 685 see Grapevine, Vineyard
Grapevine 680  
Grecian Border 666 see also classic key; key; the key

Hand Hemstictched (a & b) 657; 857  
Hand Inserted Threads - Men's L-6; L-2 count the threads
handkerchief L-18 count the threads; L-18 has 18 border threads
High Waves 903 same number as Plumes
Holly (a) 733; 868  
Hortensia (Hydrangea) (a) Hortensia (Hydrangea) (b) 648; 684  
Hybiscus (Hibiscus) (a) 60  
Hybiscus (Hibiscus) (b) 385 see also Flora; same number (385)
  Hybiscus (Hibiscus) (c) (d) 774, 776  
Hydrangea 384  
Initial 877  
Initialed Bands* 655 *never seen
Initials (oval Initials shown) 850  
Iris (a) 92  

Iris (b) 107 107 is also daffodil
Ivy (a) 679 this is english ivy; it only came as hanky
Ivy (b) 712  
Ivy (c) 888  

Jacaranda Tree 462  
Jewel (a) Jewel (b) 227; 900  
Jewels 788  
Key (a) Key (b) 751; 882 see classic key, the key, grecian border
barmaid Kitchen Bouquet 899 see carrots and peas, made as a hanky
Knight 641  
Lace Point 904  
ladies handkerchief L-6 count the borderthreads
Lantern 789  
barmaid large cloth case 725  
Leaves 753 see Autumn Leaves, Maple Leaf, Three Leaves
Les Fleurs 902  
Lightning no number  
Lily of Valley 902 902 is also Les Fleurs
barmaid linen handkerchief cases 722  
barmaid Little Bows 656 see Bow, The Bow
Little Roses (a + b) 731, 854 see all Roses: Rose, Little Roses, Rose Tree, Rose Arbor, Roses

Mad Cap 663 similar: Varishka
Madeira Map (unofficial, unconfirmed) 796  
Map of Madeira (unofficial, unconfirmed) 301  
barmaid Maple Leaf* 701 *never seen, but is multicolored cocktail napkin
Marlace 730; 858; 859 Vine flower can be similar on napkins, at first glance
barmaid Masterpiece* 811 Masterpiece has never been seen; Patrician has same number, 811
Mayflower 732 for more boats, see Age of Discovery, Renaissance Boat or Dream Boat or Bright Sails, Old Ships
Medallion 739  
barmaid Medieval 878  
barmaid Mimosa 778  
Minaret 740 similar to Arcadia, but corners differ
barmaid Molded Circle 718 molded circle/molded corner, same number
Molded Corner 718 molded circle/molded corner, same number
barmaid Moresque* 759 *never seen; 759 is also "Bouquet" and "Spray"
Morning Glories 682  
Morning Glory* 228 *never seen, hah!
Mother 821; 856 the word Mother is embroidered in the corner
New; sometimes called: New Open 799 see also Open End, in margandy called Background
New Flower Pot 791  


New Wheat 744 New Wheat was made only in linen; see also Wheat and The wheat which has margandy field or borders
barmaid oblong set case 72  
barmaid Old Damascus Plate* 252 *book says it has never been seen
Old France 533; 782  
Old Ships 81

for more boats, see Age of Discovery, Mayflower, Dreamboat, Gay Harbor, Bright Sails

barmaid On and On 714  
Open Corner 879  
Open End 752 see New (sometimes called New Open)
Open Lacing 745 similar to Marlace except for the joining stitches
Open Scroll 708 similar to Simplicity
Oval Initial 817; 820  

Palm Tree 25; 125; 225  
Papa Noel 772  

Patrician 811 Masterpiece has same number
barmaid Pendant 889  
Petunia 758  
Pheasant no number  

Pine Cones (pinecone, pinecones, pines) 709  
Plume 381; 875  
barmaid Plumes 905  
Ponto Grega 380; 383; 746  
barmaid Pouch 952  
Prince of Wales   no number; very few were made
barmaid Quadrille 887 only comes as hanky

Queen Victoria 539  
Regency 464, 764  

Renaissance Boat 23  

Renaissance 781  
Rose 706; 791; 848; 891 see also Little Roses, Rose Tree, Rose Arbor, Rose
Rose Arbor 694 see also Little Roses, Rose Tree, Rose Arbor, Rose
Rose Tree 541 see also Little Roses, Rose Tree, Rose Arbor, Rose
barmaid Rose Bow 873 see also Little Roses, Rose Tree, Rose Arbor, Rose
Roses 707; 788; 790; 792 see also Little Roses, Rose Tree, Rose Arbor, Rose
barmaid Rosewood 748  
Scallop 658  
Scalloped Band 678  
Scallopino 660  
Scroll 808; 915  
barmaid Scroll and Drawn Thread 824  
Scroll Fish   see "Under the Sea" and "Fish" for more patterns with fish
Seven-Seven-Seven/Flash 777 aka Flash
Shadowed Leaves 738 for more leaves, see Autumn Leaves, Maple Leaves, Three Leaves
Shell 530 for a different shell design, see Concha
barmaid Silk Bib 720; 721  
Simple Eyelet 862  
Simplicity 714; 852 technique is similar to Open Scroll
barmaid Small Bib 787  
barmaid Smart and Beautiful 827  
Snowflake 881/884  
Spray 759; 762; 780; 883; 898 Spray is multicolored or traymat and napkins. (3rd photo is bouquet)
Sprig 551  
barmaid Squares 727; 728; 831; 865 See Wreath over Squares.
728 is also Bow
Stars 901  
Storm Tree 907  
Strawberry 691, 896, 906  
Sweet Peas 700 resembles Petunias
Tent 540  

The Pines/pine trees/Pine Cones 709  
Thousand Eyes 734; 735; 736; 827; 860  
Three Leaves 895  
Three Little Pigs 676  

Trailing Vine 479  
barmaid Trellis 828  
Tropical Fish 481  
Trumpet Flower 251  
barmaid Tudor Rose* 127  
barmaid Twisted Cord 665  
Twisted Ribbon, also called Bow 728  
Under The Sea 695; 786 see "Fish, Tropical Fish and "Scrollfish" for more patterns with fish.
Varishka 662; 663 for similar, see Mad Cap
barmaid Very Simple 795  
Vignette 711 similar to Flowers and Early Spring
Vine Flower 874  
Vineyard 696 similar designs are Grape & Leaf, Grapevines
Violet 847  

Water Leaf 337/338/378  
Weather Cock 642  
barmaid Wedding 814;869; 870  

Wheat 250 see also New Wheat which was made only in linen right to the edge. If it has margandy, it is Wheat
Wild Duck, Duck    
Wild Rose 703; 704; 742 703 is also Autumn Leaves
Windmill 770  
Wisteria 289  
barmaid Wreath 871  
Wreath and Ribbon 651  
Wreath Over Square 821  
Zebra 769; 897  
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